God Doesn’t Close One Door, Without Opening Another

God Doesn’t Close One Door, Without Opening Another

We have a dog that is a Malti-Poo.  She is about three years old and she is part Maltese and part Poodle.  She has the intelligence of the Poodle and the loving, sweet nature of the Maltese.  Her name is Sugar, and it is a good name for her.  She has a great coat that is white, with just a slight streak of apricot down her back.

When we got the dog, the grandchildren in Maryland named her.  We sent them pictures and told them what she was like and they came up with a list of names.  We whittled the list down to a few names and the grandchildren worked on the list and finally picked the name Sugar.

It is a fitting name.  She is the sweetest, friendliest, most stubborn, playful, and intelligent dog I have ever seen.  Many times I am not sure if she is stubborn or too smart for her own good.  If she is upstairs and I call her to go outside to do her business and she doesn’t want to go outside, she just lays there.  At first I thought she couldn’t hear me, so I would call louder, SUGAR! No response.  Then, in a barely audible voice I would say, “Sugar, do you want a treat?” or “Sugar, do you want to go for a walk?” and I would hear her paws hitting the floor as she runs down the steps and slips on the rug as she rounds the corner at break-neck speed heading for the back door.  It is what she wants to do.

All the neighborhood kids love her and she loves the attention.  When the grandkids visit for a few days we have to keep her away from them at night because she will get up on their bed the first chance she gets to lick their face and want to play.

We got a real kick watching her chase her tail when she was a puppy.  Round and round she would go until she either caught it or she needed to stop the spinning.  Going in the opposite direction for a little bit seems like a good idea to her, but it doesn’t really stop the spinning.

If someone comes in the front door or rings the doorbell Sugar immediately goes into a defensive mode.  Her bark is very serious, even though it may be someone she knows.  My wife and I still chuckle how she runs to the back door leading to the garage when she hears the garage door open.  She barks a  happy, excited bark and runs in circles and wags her tail endlessly in anticipation to see who is coming in.  The back door is OK, the front door is not.  And when either my wife or I leave, Sugar will sit by the back door waiting in anticipation of our return.  She will lie on the rug and look at the door wondering when we are coming back.  Her ears droop and she puts her head on her paws and she waits.  She doesn’t whine, or cry, she just waits.

I wonder how different it is with you and me.  How many times do we have something in our lives where a door closes and we sit and wait at that door to be opened again for the return.  Even though there may be other doors opening, we sit and wait for THAT door to open and be back the way it was.

After losing my job two and a half years ago, I too, waited for the door to open again.  It did not open, but as I have mentioned before, there were other doors that opened, and although things will never be the same, maybe they were not supposed to be that way to begin with.

Oscar Pistorius lost both legs.  He was fitted with artificial “blade” legs and ran in the London Olympics this year.  Talk about having the door closed and finding another door open – he lost both legs – and ran in the Olympics.  How many people sit at the door and want their legs to come back and be the way it was?

Sugar will continue to wait at the back door when either of us leaves, but for the rest of us, we need to look at what other doors God has opened– it might even be a window, but there is another avenue to take.  If you need help finding the doors God has opened for you join a church and see what plans He has in store.  You may just be amazed at the other door that opens up.

Whatever your level of understanding of the Bible and Christ, there is more to learn and to gain. I invite everyone to share in the wonders of the Bible and take this journey with me. Find a church that you are comfortable with and become active in it. One way you can help is by sharing this blog with others and inviting them to join our journey together.

I would also like to say that if you are looking for a warm, caring church, I would invite you to attend our services at The First United Methodist Church in Columbia, Tennessee. Our services are on Sunday at 8:30 AM and at 11:00 AM. I guarantee you will be welcome and are sure to find something for every age. If you are not comfortable blindly attending a service, just let me know; my wife and I would be happy to meet you for the 11:00 AM service.

Peace be with you, always,





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